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Mitul Lad is a British industrial designer based in London, specializing in simplifying complex products and experiences with aesthetic sensitivity. His expertise lies in front-end innovation, usability, CMF (Color, Material and Finish), and user experience, spanning various sectors such as electronics, medical, automotive, and consumer.

Since graduating at De Montfort University in 2012, Mitul has worked with many established brands; Huawei, Honor, Samsung, Hitachi, Kokoon, Accesso, Astra Zeneca, Pearl Therapeutics, Vectura, Novartis, Gore, BD, Roche, Orion Pharma, Johnson and Johnson, Smith and Nephew, Petainer.

Awards: 2x Red Dot Design Award 2021, iF Design Award 2021, iF Design Award 2020, 2xiF Design Award 2018

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