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to design a smart insulin port

Cambridge Consultants project

Living with diabetes is challenging. Diabetes is one of the fastest growing health threats of our age. It affects over 400 million people worldwide.

Busy lifestyles make it difficult for type 1 diabetics to manage their condition. They are required to take 30-40 individual insulin injections a week to balance blood sugar levels to avoid any serious health problems. These frequent injections are tiring and difficult to manage.


kite reduces the burden of injecting insulin

Kite replaces 30-40 individual injections with a weekly soft cannula insertion. More importantly, Kite indirectly catalyses the conversion of devices like syringes into sophisticated smart systems. The port accurately and automatically sends dose capture data to a diabetes management app. The app integrates blood sugar levels, carb intake and activity, taking away the worries of managing their condition.

Kite packs wireless connectivity and dose capture technology into a tiny envelope. The smart insulin port represents true innovation because of its cost-effective durable and disposable split, bringing life changing intelligence at an affordable cost to patients. 


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