to design a theme park wearable

Cambridge Consultants project

client: accesso

Theme parks are all about having an exhilarating, carefree day out and creating the memories of a lifetime. They shouldn’t be memories of standing in long queues and wondering what to do with your wallet or locker keys whilst you’re in the water. And whilst you’re waiting in line you’re not splashing out on souvenirs, or food and drinks.

Locking your wallet away creates inconvenience whenever you want to make a purchase. If you have someone look after your valuables whilst you’re on a ride then they are missing out on the fun. Neither of these options are ideal and lead to both poor guest experience and lost revenue for the park operator.

pompeii matrixv2-01.png
experience map_v4-01.png

a queue-free experience

Accesso Prism is a new virtual queuing system, allowing guests to enjoy their experience without waiting ‘in line’ for rides and attractions. The smart wearable has saved over 8 million guests worldwide more than 4.2 billion minutes of waiting in line.

Final CAD render -Bands.20.jpg